Yellowstones Stormy Lake 001

2012 was a stormy year. At times it seemed as if we were in the worst of times. We questioned whether things could possibly get worse – or more importantly, how do we make them better. Lots of questions and seemingly few answers.

Then, last week during Sunday School and Priesthood Meetings an interesting set of lessons were given. In Sunday School, we talked about the world that Moroni was left with at the end of the the Nephite civilization. This was a people that had been blessed of the Lord beyond imagination, but who fell and were destroyed due to wickedness. They relied on their own strength rather than on the strength of the Lord. Moroni’s really was a horrible time. He watched all of his people get hunted down and killed by the Lamanities. Only he was left to record the end of the Nephite nation. Those truly were terrible days.

In Priesthood, we talked about today’s world. There is much wickedness in our time, and it seems that Satan has control over much of what happens today. At times it seems that these are the worst of times. To counter these bad influences, we certainly we need to be teaching ourselves, our children and grandchildren to live the commandments of God. And we need to follow the teaching with actual improved action.

But, for me, the learning was that as bad as these times are, they are not as bad as Nephi faced. There are many righteous people living in this world and in this land. These days are good in many ways. We need to take advantage of the good that exists to continue to push for righteousness in the world.

So, my New Year’s resolution is to look positively at the good that exists around me, and encourage more good by being the best example I can be, and by teaching and encouraging others to live according to God’s law.

May you have a wonderful 2013.


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