The Ice Cream of Life

Cherry Top 003

Ice Cream is one of my favorite foods. And with a cherry on top – it quickly can become a decadent desert.

There are many things to like about ice cream: 1) it tastes great, 2) the cold substance goes down really well on a hot day – though equally well on a day that is not so hot, 3) did I say it tastes great?, 4) there are so many different flavors to choose from and experience, 5) Its almost impossible to tire of it and finally, 6) it just tastes great! There’s few foods that are so much fun to eat as a group. A “little” ice cream just seems to be the perfect closure to a meeting of friends.

But like some good things, there is a major downside – eating too much may be harmful to my health. The effects probably don’t show up for a while, but eventually these things can catch up with you. So, we need to be careful about how much ice cream we eat.

We ought not face life like some eat ice cream, overindulging in only those things that bring temporary pleasure, but that may have long term negative effects. Our lives should be filled with things that can be enjoyed 24/7 – those things which are not fleeting in appearance or substance. Things for which any level of activity will only bring benefits both short term and long term. Things like our family, our religion, education, and good books.

So while its ok to enjoy a little ice cream in life – it shouldn’t be the mainstay of our existence.

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One Response to The Ice Cream of Life

  1. Nice little article. I may use this in Relief Society someday!

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