National Elk Refuge

Facing into the rising storm

On Monday (16 Jan 2012), we visited the National Elk Refuge in Jackson Wyoming. The weather was cold, but not too terrible. As the photo above shows, the wind was blowing and it was snowing lightly.

After taking the sled tour where we saw numerous Bull Elk, we drove around to the backside of the Preserve to see if we could find more animals. In fact there were 3 big herds of elk, and one flock of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. The sheep were right next to, and on the road we were driving, so we got to have a real up-close visit with them.

This fellow was just standing there on the road – the wind in his face. Just like how we face life sometimes… the challenges come, and we need to put our face to the wind and address them. Sometimes, we need to take a moment, close our eyes and get our bearings – then move forward. As this guy did just a moment later.

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2 Responses to National Elk Refuge

  1. Joyce says:

    Great photo! I love your commentary on it too.

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