New iPhone and IOS4

A new iPhone was announced today. Looks pretty interesting with forward and backward facing cameras (though you can only use it for video chatting when connected via a Wi-Fi network for now). Still, only AT&T for now – part of their 5 year exclusive contract – which I understand. Unfortunately, no AT&T service out here in Hobbs – so can’t purchase one – though lots of people that live outside the area have them – and they work fine here… in fact typically better than the “other” service provides that do sell coverage…

I also looked into MiFi service for this area (to enable cellular coverage on my iPad)… but no go… not offering the service if you live here… even if you don’t spend all of your time here.

Really – I’d like to be able to select the product – understanding the service standards and limitations. But I guess the providers are afraid of getting the devices back and cancellations.

Time to look for a new carrier….

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One Response to New iPhone and IOS4

  1. What about one of the new Android phones (I know….)? Sprint has a couple and they actually can act like a MiFi for free. These phones take the wireless data and rebroadcast it as 802.11.

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