4th Annual Community Photography Show

Well, had quite a surprise this evening.

After being stuck in road construction traffic. I was driving home, looking forward to attending my aquatic fitness class. Marietta called – the organizers of the photo show asked if we were attending, as I was getting a prize! (we had entered as part of our photo class). We were going to be late, but decided to go anyway.

After we arrived, one of Marietta’s photos was announced as a third place winner in her catagory (Congrats Honey!!!). It’s a great still life.

One of the organizers came by and stuck a tripod under my arm, and said, congratulations on winning 1st place in your catagory (landscapes)… so that was cool.

After all the awards and door prizes were handed out, it was time to announce the Best in Show Award, to be given to the highest point winner between the 1st place winners. To my complete surprise, my Misty Morning picture was announced as the winner!

Misty Morning

So added to my tripod, I received a 31″ trophy, a new DSLR and an 70-200mm lens!!! WOW Totally suprising!

Thanks to the judges and the sponsors:

  • Rice Operating Company
  • Smith and Sons Construction
  • Permian Ford
  • RMS Foods – Sam Cobb
  • Elliott & Waldron
  • Basin Surveys
  • Lea County State Bank
  • L. E. S.
  • The Color Printer
  • Lowe Pro
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2 Responses to 4th Annual Community Photography Show

  1. donetta says:

    Wow! The folks in Hobbs know how to put together a prize package! Congrats on winning best in show! It’s a stunning photo!

  2. Holy cow! Big prizes!

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