My iPad was popular

Last week I was headed to The Netherlands for a business trip. While waiting in Business Class for the trip to start, I started talking with my neighbor about my iPad – he was quite interested. I also noted that a fellow passenger (somewhat behind me) was also expressing his excitement over his iPad to his neighbor.

As part of my demonstration of the iPad’s capabilities, I pulled up X-Plane and did a little flying… just for fun. While I was thus engaged, the flight steward came up and asked what the application was – he was quite excited about it – he also had an iPad and thought the program looked like a lot of fun. The other fellow passenger (that also had an iPad) also came up to get more information on what I was demonstrating.

Meanwhile, my seat neighbor was getting more excited about what the iPad could do, and thought he had seen enough that he wanted to look at getting one himself.

The steward came back and asked if he could bring a friend to take a look at the app – as he thought he would be really interested in it. He left, and returned a few minutes later with our Pilot. We switched to a 767 simulator (which is also the plane we were flying) and started to take off (he commented I flew like he did – which didn’t increase my confidence, since I was drifting off the runway – but I digress đŸ™‚ ). He watched for a few minutes – asked his friend (the steward) if he could get that app in Amsterdam (the nights stop) – which was confirmed – and declared that “Now I’m getting an iPad”…

So folks, that’s how its done….

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One Response to My iPad was popular

  1. I have sold countless iPhones and iPod Touches and, so far, three iPads. If Apple created a revenue sharing model, we would be rich.

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